SECURITY PRINTING INSTITUTE OF PEOPLE’S BANK OF CHINA (SPIPBC) was founded in August 1959 under People’s Bank of China. China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation in 1997, was authorized by People’s Bank of China for taking over the administration and management of SPIPBC. SPIPBC is the only modernized research institution in security and Banknote design, security study, banking equipments development and authentication service. It has also been granted the national technical center accreditation of China.

  SPIPBC has developed security technologies in different fields with independent intellectual property rights (IPR) by taking the strengths of its comprehensive, multi-level and three-dimensional security product and service system; SPIPBC has also provided the security protection and solution of high value documents and products for government and enterprises through development and application of leading edge technology.

  Looking into the future, SPIPBC will devote itself in further improvement of systematical approach in product design, security technology and authentication. SPIPBC will provide the best service both for the central bank and customers. The services will be in line with the requirements inside and outside the industry to provide the client-oriented security and authentication services. SPIPBC will also provide excellent, advanced and secure products for domestic and foreign markets. We will reach the goal by our coherent dedication, pursuing excellence and satisfying the customer requirements, and take responsible for pushing forward the security technology research and development.

  In the mean time, we will continue improving our capability of innovation, speeding up the progress of the core security technology invention. The SPIPBC will continue to endeavor the principle of “Equality and Cooperation” to further increase the foreign exchanges and collaboration with relevant global enterprises and academic in security and other fields for the goal of security technology promotion and mutual benefits.